Inspirational people…

The first person that comes to mind is Caryn Vaughn.  The mussel surveys that I did for her in Oklahoma rivers taught me 1) that I liked molluscs, 2) that I liked canoeing, and 3) that I liked doing science from a person-powered boat.  Bill Matthews taught me about the joys of stream fish and seining.  Don Rogers taught me about just going and doing science wherever it is.  Missy Gibbs has been my partner in spring fish crime, so to speak, for 16 years.  Terry Farrell makes me look at things from different angles.  Cindy Bennington is just all around inspirational as an ecologist and always willing to listen.  Peter May told me that field sabbaticals are the best.  Bob Sitler gave me the idea of filming springs!!!  On one level, I’m just copying Bob.  Not as relevant to this project, but no less important are: Moshe Gophen, who taught me about scientific collaboration and how the dirt helps to keep a car together when you don’t wash it, and Karl Havens, who taught me about ecosystem processes and big picture thinking while writing.

2 thoughts on “Inspirational people…

  1. Dr Work, you were an inspiration to me while I was going to school and you still are! What I wouldn’t give to get wet and help you with your project! I will be following your journey for sure!


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