Suwannee River, Suwannee County, April 2017

I finished work early one day and decided to check out Suwannee River State Park.  After wandering around the park a bit, I got up my courage to go out on the river solo.  Up until that point, I did not have the guts to venture out onto the Suwannee by myself–the water just looked so big and my boat looked so small.


The Suwannee River at Manatee Springs.

suwannee at troy

The Suwannee River at Troy Spring.  It is interesting how much rockier it appears further north.


The Suwannee River at Lafayette Blue Spring.  The river felt smaller there, but it was really windy that day.

For whatever reason, the Suwannee felt much more manageable upstream (and the weather was good), so I went exploring.  I was rewarded with beautiful scenery.



balanced rock.JPG

The Suwannee River upstream of the boat ramp at Suwannee River State Park.  I love the roots over the limestone.

As I explored, I found three tiny springs that abut the river.

Lime spring

Lime Spring (it might also have been called “Little Gem”) in Suwannee River State Park.

Ellaville spring6Ellaville spring.JPG

Ellaville Spring just south of Suwannee River State Park.  In the top photo, the spring is just barely visible on the bank (right side of photo).

For the third spring, I had to cut up the Withlacoochee (the north one) just a bit.


The Withlacoochee River at its confluence with the Suwannee.


Suwannacoochee Springs on the Withlacoochee, just above its confluence with the Suwannee.


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